Masks off

Let’s talk Mental Health. It’s a subject that often gets tossed around A LOT in the last few years and it’s often misunderstood. The last few years I have struggled to come to terms with my own mental health issues, it started with postpartum depression after Joshua was born but it was never diagnosed because,Continue reading “Masks off”

Here’s the thing…

Here’s the thing. It was a crappy week right? We are all tired and not feeling wonderful and we are running a range of emotions… BUT. We have it pretty good.  I spent a few days feeling sorry for us, sorry for Josh, sorry for me, sorry for our family, but this morning I wasContinue reading “Here’s the thing…”

The Dragon Slayer

Last night, I enjoyed a date night with Joshua. We made the trek to the ACC (no small feat in last nights traffic – more on that later) and watched the Leafs tie the game up before Josh announced that it was ‘home – now’ and proceeded to get out of his seat and leave.Continue reading “The Dragon Slayer”

a morning ramble…

There are so many things running through my head right now, practical issues like babysitting, school, packing, figuring out food for the hospital, so many stupid things that I am sure in the end will work out. I worry about Kaleb, he’s going to Grandma and Grandpa’s so he’ll have a good time, but willContinue reading “a morning ramble…”