Mountains on the horizon.

Last year when Josh was being wheeled into the OR a song started repeating in my head, actually it wasn’t a song so much as a line from a song, one that got stuck on repeat in my brain throughout the entire time he was in the OR and in the days that followed. IContinue reading “Mountains on the horizon.”

and the results are in… wait.

Quick update… Josh had his appointment today and it seems that his heart rate is still an issue (although I don’t know why or what that means). He is now wearing a holter which will monitor his heart for the next 24 hours (keeping it on him will be a trick although one friend suggestedContinue reading “and the results are in… wait.”

Always in Advent

Hope, longing, anticipation, and preparation. As we prepare for Christmas we walk through the steps of preparing for the King to come. Not Santa, not presents, but the King. How wrong do we get this every year? How many of us lose our focus and buy into the commercialism that the media and society pushContinue reading “Always in Advent”

Waiting for patience impatiently

I have been alive a loooong time… (no I won’t say exactly what a loooong time is) and in all that time I have been impatient. I used to say ‘God made me this way, surly he likes me the way he made me, he doesn’t make mistakes’, but alas I think that the realityContinue reading “Waiting for patience impatiently”