There are words in our vocabulary that can inspire us, change us, break us or heal us, words that create and words that destroy, words of beginnings and words that speak of endings or, there are words that leave us hanging in the spaces in between.   Almost, it’s the ‘leave you hanging in between’Continue reading “almost”

Mountains on the horizon.

Last year when Josh was being wheeled into the OR a song started repeating in my head, actually it wasn’t a song so much as a line from a song, one that got stuck on repeat in my brain throughout the entire time he was in the OR and in the days that followed. IContinue reading “Mountains on the horizon.”

Caught in the blast of winter…

I haven’t had a lot of time to sit and write lately, nor have I had any real inclination. I have been busy learning yes, but too tired from it to actually share my thoughts with you. Let’s call it the February blues… that thankfully end at midnight tonight! I am starting to think aheadContinue reading “Caught in the blast of winter…”