Induction day

Yesterday was a big day for my husband Tim. He was inducted as the Rector of Little Trinity (Trinity East). I have to admit, I am not an Anglican by birth so I had no idea of the importance of such an event. I got a dress on and attempted to get the boys asContinue reading “Induction day”

Content much?

Yesterday I heard a great sermon (yes, he’s my husband but who cares I still think it was a great sermon!) and I thought I would share it. Tim is a gifted speaker and this particular rendering of the paralytic being lowered through the roof spoke volumes to me about being content and discovering peaceContinue reading “Content much?”

God breathed! I have been going to church my whole life, I have heard thousands of sermons and fallen asleep in many a church service… I have been impressed by few however, and often feel confused or unsure of what was being said. I remember one preacher years ago who seemed to go in circles aroundContinue reading “God breathed!”