Mothers with or without kids

There is something about Mothers day that I find particularly special, it’s not just because I am a Mom either. I have always thought of it as a special day because I have been blessed with a really wonderful friend in my own mother. However, the last few weeks I have been thinking about thoseContinue reading “Mothers with or without kids”

Thankful ~ another reminder. I saw this today… the words that struck me were ‘this is a difficult situation, but we don’t need to be miserable’… great reminder to keep checking my attitude and always, always remember to be thankful because I have much to be thankful for. Subscribe to be the first to hear of new posts!

How did I miss the whisper?

This morning I was grumbling about Josh’s lack of communication, I was praying for some kind of break through, some new words, some hope and generally just feeling sorry for myself. It was a rough morning, he’s been so used to just chilling on the couch watching movies while he recovered, longer in fact becauseContinue reading “How did I miss the whisper?”

The journey home again

The emotional roller coaster of the last few days has been intense but with relief I am finally able to Blog and let you know that we are home. Josh went in on Thursday for his surgery, it took 6 hours. The managed to fix the T-valve by adding some human tissue, and they onceContinue reading “The journey home again”