Great destiny?

C.S. Lewis once said ‘hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny’ and I believe that in many cases he is right but I think too that hardships can refine you, shape you, not for some ‘great’ destiny but rather simply to make you into a better version of yourself, the version that GodContinue reading “Great destiny?”

Return on my Investment!

I am always getting lessons in patience, most of which I tell you about, but this week, that patience is being rewarded with some Huge returns on my time investment! Josh is talking more this week than I have ever heard before! He is seeming to want to learn the alphabet so I have been taking him throughContinue reading “Return on my Investment!”

Steps into boyhood

Tonight I had the privilege of teaching little Kaleb to walk. I got the share in the joy of his excitement of taking a step and not falling, I got to see the pride fill his face when I clapped with excitement over his achievement. When I was younger I didn’t think it would bringContinue reading “Steps into boyhood”