fastest stroke clinic in the history of us…

Today Josh and I went again to Sick Kids. This time we went to see the Neurologist who follows him post stroke. Now, usually this clinic is one of the painfully long and boring ones. We see numerous doctors, answer hundreds of questions for the various research studies Josh is a part of and thenContinue reading “fastest stroke clinic in the history of us…”

5 very long short years

At 8:50 pm, on January 31st 2008, (5 long short years ago) I lay in the OR while Josh was taken over 5 weeks too early. They called it fetal distress and couldn’t wait for nature to take it’s course. As the rolled the gurney out of the room where Tim sat signing consent papersContinue reading “5 very long short years”

For future reference…

As most of you know our youngest has a lot of allergies and asthma. when he was 6 months old he had a severe reaction to his vaccines, reactions that had me rushing him to Sunnybrook. The entire drive I had to listen to him gasping for air in the back seat. It was terrifyingContinue reading “For future reference…”

The longest hours

Josh holding his bravery beads after his stroke at three months The day of Josh’s first surgery was July 21st 2008, he was six months old, having had two failed catheter attempts and failures the open heart was our only option, we met with the surgeon, talked to the anesthesiologist, cuddled him, held his handContinue reading “The longest hours”

Cardiac Kids

Team Sick Kids at the world transplant games!  We first heard about this organization after Joshua’s second surgery, since then they have been a support to us, providing fun things for us to do as a family to forget for a moment that Josh is anything more than a normal little boy. They are outContinue reading “Cardiac Kids”

TEAM JOSHUA! Last day to donate!! The walk is tomorrow (don’t worry I will photo document the whole thing and update later!) Thank you so much for everyone who sponsored us, for those who will join me in walking the 5 k and for those of you who are being a quiet support through prayer forContinue reading “TEAM JOSHUA!”

Support me in the Walmart Walk For Miracles

Support me in the Walmart Walk For Miracles We have a team (Team Joshua) who is going to be walking 5K on June 12th to raise money for Sick Kids foundation. As Josh heads into his third surgery I am forced to think how fantastic this hospital has been to us, and walking for miraclesContinue reading “Support me in the Walmart Walk For Miracles”