Why God?

Today I have been honoured to walk through the pain of loss, the pain of deep sorrow, the pain of disappointment and anger and failure and guilt with a number of friends who are each in their own way struggling through some of life’s most difficult moments while also navigating a pandemic and isolating themselvesContinue reading “Why God?”

Part three: Red flags

I walk through the courtyard and up the stairs at the back corner of the wall, towards the old tower lookout. It’s colder up here, the wind is stronger but I am sheltered by the overhang and it’s quiet. I look out over the village below and spot my home on the far side ofContinue reading “Part three: Red flags”

no questions are invalid

Someone asked me today ‘do you have regrets?’ this came from an email conversation with a woman I met online through the blog. Her question was asked in innocence and a genuine desire to seek knowledge from me about our choices as parents, or more specifically about Josh. It strikes me that I should haveContinue reading “no questions are invalid”

Plant a seed

A group of friends and I have started a project of sorts where we ask tough questions of the companies whose products we consume. Coffee for example, the farmers who grow the beans and do all the hard work are often the poorest and yet the companies like Tim Hortons and Starbucks are making millionsContinue reading “Plant a seed”