New Photos in the store I have added a few new photos to the shop, but need to hear from you which ones you would want to see in the shop or gallery! Drop me a message if you want to see something in the shop that you have seen on my instagram page and I can quickly add!Continue reading “New Photos in the store”

the beauty behind the reflection

On occasion I enjoy taking pictures… 🙂 which is an understatement I realize, but it’s one of those tools that came to me when I held my first camera. It allows me to see the world through fresh eyes, and find the beauty in everything. Even something ugly can be made beautiful. Let’s not evenContinue reading “the beauty behind the reflection”

No more tears for days gone by

I mentioned yesterday that I had been at the cottage for a week, or a little less actually. While there I watched two things happen, Kaleb’s breathing finally became normal, his ragged breaths became deep, the dark circles that had taken up permanent residence on his little face lightened and became puffy again. Oxygen flowedContinue reading “No more tears for days gone by”

A feeling like no other…

One of the greatest things about doing something you are passionate about is knowing a sense of freedom in your work. A long time ago I sat in a dark room creating images on paper, using chemicals to produce art, it was a feeling like none other, it gave me a way to create thingsContinue reading “A feeling like no other…”