Power Kid? Raising Attila the Hun.

Today marks the last day of the Kaper being three years old; it (to me) is significant. Starting tomorrow I move from having any ‘toddlers’ and having two full blown ‘kids’. The summer was hard for Kaleb, struggling to find his place in a family focused on his ailing brother he sought attention through temperContinue reading “Power Kid? Raising Attila the Hun.”

Hero for a minute

For those of you who read my post the other day about the ‘joys’ of motherhood I have an update… today I got called the ‘best car finder EVER’ by my sweet child whose been mad all week about the missing blue and green car (which I finally discovered was ‘Carla’ from Cars2). After learningContinue reading “Hero for a minute”

Lessons for the CIA

It’s understandable really that motherhood is both a wonderful gift and at the same time, earth shattering in it’s blows to sleep, clean homes, personal hygiene,  cool tempers, patient attitudes, and general self esteem. We start out with a tiny little embryo that grows into a watermelon, stretching skin into impossible places that never properlyContinue reading “Lessons for the CIA”

What he teaches mee

I remember being pregnant with Kaleb, the feeling of him growing inside me and the immediate love that happened when I met him for the first time in the OR, when they held him close to me for the first time so that I could see him; so unlike Joshua’s delivery and so beautifully normal.Continue reading “What he teaches mee”

12:00 am didn’t used to be late…

I still look back fondly on the nights that I stayed up simply because I chose to stay up, when midnight was still early and a good sleep in meant getting up at noon. I don’t think I properly revelled in those days and nights, in fact I daresay I took them for granted. TheseContinue reading “12:00 am didn’t used to be late…”