an open letter to a heart mom

I read a blog post today from a¬† mom who lost her son when he was just a year or so old to a congenital heart defect; she was talking about how she had been going through posts online and saw the a video about being a ‘heart mom’ and how that made her cryContinue reading “an open letter to a heart mom”

technical not emotional

I have have been getting a lot of questions about Joshua’s particular diagnosis. So I thought I would post today a little bit about his CHD. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the term CHD, or Congenital Heart Defect is a blanket term for a great number of diagnosis’ and I prefer to keep itContinue reading “technical not emotional”

The journey home again

The emotional roller coaster of the last few days has been intense but with relief I am finally able to Blog and let you know that we are home. Josh went in on Thursday for his surgery, it took 6 hours. The managed to fix the T-valve by adding some human tissue, and they onceContinue reading “The journey home again”

a morning ramble…

There are so many things running through my head right now, practical issues like babysitting, school, packing, figuring out food for the hospital, so many stupid things that I am sure in the end will work out. I worry about Kaleb, he’s going to Grandma and Grandpa’s so he’ll have a good time, but willContinue reading “a morning ramble…”