5 very long short years

At 8:50 pm, on January 31st 2008, (5 long short years ago) I lay in the OR while Josh was taken over 5 weeks too early. They called it fetal distress and couldn’t wait for nature to take it’s course. As the rolled the gurney out of the room where Tim sat signing consent papersContinue reading “5 very long short years”

New favorite song…

What Faith Can Do – Kutless Everybody falls sometimesGotta find the strength to riseFrom the ashes and make a new beginningAnyone can feel the acheYou think it’s more than you can takeBut you’re stronger, stronger than you knowDon’t you give up nowThe sun will soon be shiningYou gotta face the cloudsTo find the silver liningContinue reading “New favorite song…”

The upside of the digital age

In the days leading up to the July 8th day of prayer for Josh I have been collecting emails from people who have over time taken time out of their day to email us and tell us they are praying (so if you have any please forward them). I am compiling these emails so thatContinue reading “The upside of the digital age”

the boy with who calls me Mummy

Once again our little man has baffled the doctors at Sick Kids who cannot figure out why his heart is the way it is… those were our cardiologist’s words. However, they do not feel that his heart is in immediate danger  and would like to wait and see how he does over the summer. WeContinue reading “the boy with who calls me Mummy”

Return on my Investment!

I am always getting lessons in patience, most of which I tell you about, but this week, that patience is being rewarded with some Huge returns on my time investment! Josh is talking more this week than I have ever heard before! He is seeming to want to learn the alphabet so I have been taking him throughContinue reading “Return on my Investment!”