Word Photo

I am driving, it’s a long stretch of the Newfoundland TransCanada highway somewhere about two hours west of Gander. The coffee in the cupholder is lukewarm and no longer palatable so it sits, swaying at the bottom of the cup with each turn of the road. My husband sits quietly beside me listening to hisContinue reading “Word Photo”

It’s a boat

Imagine if you will that dating is sitting or standing on a dock with someone that you are wanting to get to know. You talk for a bit but you realize that this person is actually not really someone you want to spend any long amount of time with so you kindly (KINDLY) say thankContinue reading “It’s a boat”

A pub, a hockey game and a game of pool…

Last night the Leafs (my team) lost in overtime to the New York Islanders… I was bummed, I felt like it should have been our win, we outplayed them without question. Usually when we watch a game, it ends and we turn off the lights, head to bed and fall fast asleep. Last night, weContinue reading “A pub, a hockey game and a game of pool…”