Part Five: dancing moonlight

The day after I took the ring off my finger I remember walking into my bosses office feeling like I was going to throw up, how do I begin I kept thinking to myself. I sat in his chair and he smiled at me, knowing something was wrong and not pushing me to start untilContinue reading “Part Five: dancing moonlight”

waterlogged Bible

ah the world can be murky sometimes can’t it? I wish I could get down into the swamps and shoot the underwater crud and zero visibility to properly, visually, express this feeling I have been struggling with today. It started with a choice, a decision, a dream and the water went from crystal clear toContinue reading “waterlogged Bible”

Another stab at the math problem…

Last night we looked at the topic of prayer in our small group, it’s a huge topic so we didn’t finish (I am not sure we will ever be ‘finished’) but we did touch on some interesting things. I was reminded of a post from long ago that I wrote about Tim and the boysContinue reading “Another stab at the math problem…”