Not so bad…

Thursday morning dawned as any other day, we had our normal routine and regular insanity of two non-morning people (Josh and I) facing two morning people (Tim and Kaleb). There were some tears, fixed by milk for Josh, coffee for Mummy. Curious George replaced the news, cereal flew through the air as Kaleb attempted toContinue reading “Not so bad…”

Lions of a different sort

Today was our final day of holidays after two weeks of time with family we decided that today we would spend our time as our four person unit having fun and being together. We woke up, had breakfast and coffee and then headed to the ROM for a morning of playing with dinosaurs and water.Continue reading “Lions of a different sort”

A day late due to technical difficulties….

I had a date with Kaleb at McDonald’s yesterday morning while Josh was at his class… he insisted on coffee… (my son?) I do apologize for being late on posting this ‘daily photo’ a day late… for the life of me I couldn’t get my computer to co-operate last night. However, it means you getContinue reading “A day late due to technical difficulties….”

The blessings in my life go un numbered…

I do a lot of talking about my eldest son Joshua on this blog, I rarely talk about my sweet and sensitive little one. Kaleb is in dire need of some attention here, you need to know him the way I know him. You need the full scope of my family. Not just the sick,Continue reading “The blessings in my life go un numbered…”