Happy Birthday

Dear Kaleb (a.k.a. The Kaper), When you were born the very first thing you did when you saw me was suck my nose, I don’t have a clear memory of your birth because you were born through a C-section and the meds were powerful, but I do remember seeing you and I remember you lookingContinue reading “Happy Birthday”

Complaining or Emoting?

Sometimes being a Mum means that you take on the pain and suffering, in many forms for your child. You hurt when they hurt, you worry for them when they don’t understand the need to be worried for themselves and you occasionally turn into a Mama bear on their behalf. Last week Kaleb wasn’t himself,Continue reading “Complaining or Emoting?”

Terrible two’s are not always so terrible after all…

The after effects of his scratch tests Let’s allow ourselves to be side tracked from CHD for a moment… on Tuesday I had an allergist appointment for Kaleb (my youngest for those of you new to this Blog. Kaleb has always had problems with hives, eczema and breathing. Everything for Kaleb goes to his lungs,Continue reading “Terrible two’s are not always so terrible after all…”