The gift of love

The language of love is a tricky thing, we all have different ways of expressing our love to people, and we all have ways of seeing love from someone else. There are books that talk about it, tests you can take that tell you what your ‘love language’ is and what the ‘love language’ ofContinue reading “The gift of love”

Support me in the Walmart Walk For Miracles

Support me in the Walmart Walk For Miracles We have a team (Team Joshua) who is going to be walking 5K on June 12th to raise money for Sick Kids foundation. As Josh heads into his third surgery I am forced to think how fantastic this hospital has been to us, and walking for miraclesContinue reading “Support me in the Walmart Walk For Miracles”

The blessing of a listening ear…

For a long time now people have been throwing around words about Josh like ‘Autism’ or ‘Austisic spectrum’. I would ask repeatedly why that was, what they were looking at, what signs and markers they saw and I felt repeatedly unheard, or at the very least I felt like I was just the ‘mother inContinue reading “The blessing of a listening ear…”