I am sorry

when Josh was born there was both celebration at the birth of our first child, and the first Grandchild in the family, the first nephew, the first boy on our side since my Dad. Along with that joy though there was also grief, that he was born with such struggle, that he was so ill,Continue reading “I am sorry”

The journey home again

The emotional roller coaster of the last few days has been intense but with relief I am finally able to Blog and let you know that we are home. Josh went in on Thursday for his surgery, it took 6 hours. The managed to fix the T-valve by adding some human tissue, and they onceContinue reading “The journey home again”

Strength & Peace

Thanks to you & The Green Baby Company we were able to donate a nice little gift to the Heart & Stroke Foundation! Don’t stress if you haven’t had a chance to order your T-shirt yet, you can still find them at Green Baby!   “Move forward in God’s strength, and may God’s peace followContinue reading “Strength & Peace”


http://my.e2rm.com/personalPage.aspx?registrationID=1141232&langPref=en-CA Last day to donate!! The walk is tomorrow (don’t worry I will photo document the whole thing and update later!) Thank you so much for everyone who sponsored us, for those who will join me in walking the 5 k and for those of you who are being a quiet support through prayer forContinue reading “TEAM JOSHUA!”

The shower turns tragic for local 3.5 year old…

A bath in our house is called ‘bubbles’ by both boys. All we need to do is whisper the words and they go charging down to the basement in excitement of the bubbly bath to come. They play, splash, wash each others hair and wreak havoc on my floors with the amounts of water thatContinue reading “The shower turns tragic for local 3.5 year old…”

How long? As long long as it takes…

Denial, I have been accused of this so many times I can no longer count the Doctors and the people I know who have said I am cursed with this disease and up to now I have fought it and tried to prove that reality is something I have accepted, if that reality is somethingContinue reading “How long? As long long as it takes…”