I don’t have a clue!

How do you sum up a part of your story that has transformed you and left you a new person in 5 minutes or less? How do you share an intimate part of yourself with a group of strangers and tell them what something important means to you in 5 minutes or less? I haveContinue reading “I don’t have a clue!”

The Dragon Slayer

Last night, I enjoyed a date night with Joshua. We made the trek to the ACC (no small feat in last nights traffic – more on that later) and watched the Leafs tie the game up before Josh announced that it was ‘home – now’ and proceeded to get out of his seat and leave.Continue reading “The Dragon Slayer”

‘bad baby, baby bad’

In a few days Josh will turn four years old, a celebration that fills me with joy. As I prepare for his birthday party tomorrow I can’t help but look back at the pictures of the past four years. Josh, who wanted to see the pictures too, quickly joined me on my lap as weContinue reading “‘bad baby, baby bad’”