It’s a boat

Imagine if you will that dating is sitting or standing on a dock with someone that you are wanting to get to know. You talk for a bit but you realize that this person is actually not really someone you want to spend any long amount of time with so you kindly (KINDLY) say thankContinue reading “It’s a boat”

red and yellow, black and white

Last week I had an interaction via email that shook me up, I was writing to someone about a video shown to one of the kids that I felt was too violent for them to watch. As it turns out that person completely misunderstood me and responded with a really angry email that implied thatContinue reading “red and yellow, black and white”

Who am I to judge?

I have spent the last week fighting though totally unsuccessfully a flu. It has left me weak, tired, with little patience and a recurring fever. I tell you this because I have neglected my Blog seriously and found that I don’t have anything of import to say, and I have been to weak to think,Continue reading “Who am I to judge?”