a tiny view into my life as a pastors wife

Before I even start this post I need to place a disclaimer: This is not a post about our church or anything to do with our church. I absolutely love the family of believers that we have joined and feel blessed to be a part of this amazing community.  This is a post that hasContinue reading “a tiny view into my life as a pastors wife”

Don’t know the next step…

This little man started JK this year. We have moved into a new area, and he’s in his first few months of a long school career. It’s been a very rough start and I won’t lie to you; I have deep concerns about his safety and well being and the future of his education. KalebContinue reading “Don’t know the next step…”

my friend

It’s 5:08 as I write this post, the AM variety not the PM kind of 5:08 which is a much more human hour. Kaleb, who didn’t sleep until 9:30 PM last night was awake at 4:45 to ask about his missing car… ever had one of those mornings where you are stumbling around thinking ‘isContinue reading “my friend”

Rare oppotunity

Last night I had a rare opportunity, for a few reasons however in the post I will only share the one,  the most important reason. How many chances do you have in life to stand in front of a large group of people whose generosity has changed your life? I can honestly say that IContinue reading “Rare oppotunity”

strong wills are both a blessing and a curse…

So when Joshua turned three years old I began to attempt the ever popular ‘potty training’… what a nightmare! I believe I blogged about it. Everyone at the time advised me to wait until the summer, that it would be easier… where are these people now I ask?! I have now been trying for twoContinue reading “strong wills are both a blessing and a curse…”