Happy New Year!

Most people see January as the first month of a new year; rightly so I suppose since it is the new year after all. However, for me the new year traditions always come in September; maybe it’s the years of starting school in september and always being told about fresh starts with a new teacherContinue reading “Happy New Year!”

opened the door and light came in…

Took a pie to his face at the carnival yesterday Sometimes the answer is in the knowing. You wander around looking for a door in a dark hallway and keep stumbling into walls, hands in front of your face, you get tired, frustrated, scared, and usually bruised. Then, someone tells you, ‘You are in aContinue reading “opened the door and light came in…”

a beautiful melody

We are on the flip side. That is a beautiful place to be. No more waiting, no more wondering, no more anxiety… just peaceful restoration. It has been a beautiful journey really, in an odd way. The love we as a family felt through out this process has been unprecedented. My email and texts notificationsContinue reading “a beautiful melody”

Stand back and see!

What a powerful song, I have shared this before (to listen you need only scroll down to past posts) but what amazed me about this song explanation was one particular line when he was speaking about the verse in Mathew that talks about having the faith of a mustard seek can move a mountain… IContinue reading “Stand back and see!”

New favorite song…

What Faith Can Do – Kutless Everybody falls sometimesGotta find the strength to riseFrom the ashes and make a new beginningAnyone can feel the acheYou think it’s more than you can takeBut you’re stronger, stronger than you knowDon’t you give up nowThe sun will soon be shiningYou gotta face the cloudsTo find the silver liningContinue reading “New favorite song…”