No fear

Close your eyes, imagine the world of King Solomon, he’s sitting by his window looking out over the fields in the distance, musing about life, about time, about the crops that are planted and harvested, the seasons, the births and the deaths, the joy and the pain, the tears and the laughter and he takesContinue reading “No fear”

Part ten: goodbyes

  On December 7th I woke up thinking about all the people in my world that I would be leaving behind, my parents, my sister, my Grandpa and aunt and my friends. That was the hard part, saying goodbye to them, knowing they would suffer the agony of death far more than I would. IContinue reading “Part ten: goodbyes”

Part 8: Really? You sure?

  My bed is very cozy, I woke up not ago but I can’t seem to drag myself from my bed even with the delicious smell of fresh coffee that my housemate is brewing that I know he will share with me. It’s been one three weeks since that night at the castle, three weeksContinue reading “Part 8: Really? You sure?”