A call to arms

This wave has been a Tsunami on the emotions, I see it everywhere I look. People are angry, fed up, frustrated, short fused and tired. I myself have been noticing that the slightest thing annoys me and despite trying to avoid the news I am still confronted with the reality of this pandemic on aContinue reading “A call to arms”

May 16th

In July of 2011 people around the world gathered around us in a day of prayer and fasting for Joshua as we and he prepared for more surgery. Next week he goes in for his catheterization and on the following Monday they will again sit around a table and make decisions regarding Josh’s next intervention.Continue reading “May 16th”

The upside of the digital age

In the days leading up to the July 8th day of prayer for Josh I have been collecting emails from people who have over time taken time out of their day to email us and tell us they are praying (so if you have any please forward them). I am compiling these emails so thatContinue reading “The upside of the digital age”