Part seven: look up

    The countryside is dark, I mean, really dark and it’s quiet accept for the occasional sound of a cowbell in the distance letting you know that the cows were close or moving further away as it sounds tonight. It’s late, I stayed too long in the cellar enjoying the company and forgetting everythingContinue reading “Part seven: look up”


Yesterday I woke up feeling like I had taken a horrible fall back into the darkness, after talking just the day before about the rays of beautiful light and the hope and the healing I woke up desperately sad and then very angry to be back in the fog and dark. I hate the bumpsContinue reading “bumps”

It’s not in the fudge!

In the early fall, during one of the dark patches that seemed to have no end in sight,I got a random text from Tim with a picture of fudge, a picture that made it very clear that he had bought me some of my favorite fudge as a treat. The caption to the picture was “justContinue reading “It’s not in the fudge!”