Feeling hurts

They say that as a blogger you need to write consistently… they (whoever they are) are the same people that say that new mother’s should nap when the baby is napping… like the laundry and dishes will do themselves while you nap with your baby… My intentions are good but my main job is toContinue reading “Feeling hurts”

not always a Hallmark card

Mothers day brings so many emotions to the table… it can be a joyous day but it can also be a day filled with bitter disappointment, hurt, searing pain and grief. Mothers day is not always the pretty Hallmark holiday that is plastered on every card or shown for weeks on Facebook videos. I thinkContinue reading “not always a Hallmark card”

because of a little girl named ‘S’…

There is nothing better than watching a smile light the face of the kids you love, because of something you have planned for them to do, a vacation, a holiday, a day out. To know that it’s the time they are spending with you that matters, that they are enjoying your company, that they wantContinue reading “because of a little girl named ‘S’…”