A day late due to technical difficulties….

I had a date with Kaleb at McDonald’s yesterday morning while Josh was at his class… he insisted on coffee… (my son?) I do apologize for being late on posting this ‘daily photo’ a day late… for the life of me I couldn’t get my computer to co-operate last night. However, it means you getContinue reading “A day late due to technical difficulties….”

Why God created the coffee bean…

Josh’s day – Breakfast, TV while Mum gets ready,¬†Crafty creations, park, lunch, outside for an hour in the backyard, painting, snack, water play in sink, back in the back yard, dinner, playtime in playroom, bath. Kaleb’s day – Breakfast, TV while Mum gets ready, Hang out with Mom during Crafty creations, eat snack, park, lunch,Continue reading “Why God created the coffee bean…”

Some commercials just suck!

We have all seen it, the commercial where baby wakes up in the night with a fever, and Mom steps off the magazine cover and into the crying baby’s bedroom, not one hair mussed to ease the fever away with Tempra or some similar drug, lullabyes’ and snuggles… (insert sound of record skipping here) –Continue reading “Some commercials just suck!”