one stupid clot

This blog has typically been a place for me to share my thoughts about Congenital Heart Defects and how it affects our family, our faith and our journey through life together. It’s also been a therapy tool for me, to write out my thoughts and fears into the great abyss that is ‘the word wideContinue reading “one stupid clot”

3 weeks later

It has been quite a summer, I know that my post op updates have been negligent and I do apologize for that. We moved just 5 days post surgery and it left us in a new home, with many things to do and no internet. My husband was kind enough to set me up todayContinue reading “3 weeks later”

I am second

A long time ago,  when I was a year into this Blog I went through a period of indecision about what to do. Should I continue it or stop writing it completely. Telling  Josh’s story has been good for me, it’s been helpful and encouraging, and at times it’s been the only way to workContinue reading “I am second”

I prefer the highway

As a photographer the one thing you learn early on is that to get ‘the’ shot, you need to show patience. As a parent… the first thing you learn early on is that you need to show patience… in fact, in any role you find yourself, you will probably be called upon to show patience.Continue reading “I prefer the highway”

find the ant

As I write this Kaleb is playing outside in perfect little boy cuteness. He is wearing an army camouflage tank, oshkosh overall shorts and rubber boots that almost hit his knees and he’s carrying his binoculars and seeking new treasures. How fun is he? He found ants, and sadly smooshed them, he found flowers, thankfullyContinue reading “find the ant”

waterlogged Bible

ah the world can be murky sometimes can’t it? I wish I could get down into the swamps and shoot the underwater crud and zero visibility to properly, visually, express this feeling I have been struggling with today. It started with a choice, a decision, a dream and the water went from crystal clear toContinue reading “waterlogged Bible”

No more tears for days gone by

I mentioned yesterday that I had been at the cottage for a week, or a little less actually. While there I watched two things happen, Kaleb’s breathing finally became normal, his ragged breaths became deep, the dark circles that had taken up permanent residence on his little face lightened and became puffy again. Oxygen flowedContinue reading “No more tears for days gone by”

Another stab at the math problem…

Last night we looked at the topic of prayer in our small group, it’s a huge topic so we didn’t finish (I am not sure we will ever be ‘finished’) but we did touch on some interesting things. I was reminded of a post from long ago that I wrote about Tim and the boysContinue reading “Another stab at the math problem…”

Oh well…

I am blessed… you guys who voted for me rock! However, the person who nominated me accidentally nominated me under the Top Green Mommy blogs (they thought they were nominating me for the Top 25 Faith Mommy blogs… ) So… gone are my dreams of being the Top 25 for the moment… 🙂 All isContinue reading “Oh well…”