Tribute to Kaper

This weekend we had a fantastic day celebrating our little guy Kaleb at the Labatt Family Heart centre’s siblings conference. the day focused on the siblings of our heart kids and gave them a chance (for once) to be the centre of attention and the focus of our appreciation. It isn’t often that we goContinue reading “Tribute to Kaper”

All for a smile

There is nothing more special than seeing your kids being treated like they are special. It’s that simple. Want to win my heart? Win my kids hearts. Want to make me happy? Treat my kids well. Want to say thank you? Say it by being nice to them. In my strive to make people awareContinue reading “All for a smile”

One event down… next one in the planning stages!

Yesterday we hosted an event at Nelson Mandela Park public school to raise awareness for Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) and to help raise money for the Cardiac Kids. It was AWESOME! Carlton and David Clarkson of the Toronto Maple Leafs showed up to say thank you on behalf of Cardiac Kids. Josh played the roleContinue reading “One event down… next one in the planning stages!”

So much in one small post

Today, across the nation, or more appropriately I should say the across the globe there are thousands of people saying at least one prayer for Joshua as we head into his catheterizaton and planning for surgery. This never ceases to blow my mind! I am still so touched and awed by the many who haveContinue reading “So much in one small post”

Cardiac Kids

Team Sick Kids at the world transplant games! ¬†We first heard about this organization after Joshua’s second surgery, since then they have been a support to us, providing fun things for us to do as a family to forget for a moment that Josh is anything more than a normal little boy. They are outContinue reading “Cardiac Kids”