technical not emotional

I have have been getting a lot of questions about Joshua’s particular diagnosis. So I thought I would post today a little bit about his CHD. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the term CHD, or Congenital Heart Defect is a blanket term for a great number of diagnosis’ and I prefer to keep itContinue reading “technical not emotional”

Days Post Cath.

#redforjosh I have had a lot of people asking how Josh has been doing since his catheterization… the short answer?! Did he have a catheterization? If he did you really wouldn’t know it! He has had no pain, he’s been in good spirits, he even went to school the very next day! I can’t getContinue reading “Days Post Cath.”

What didn’t suck

I am happy and surprised to announce that today went as smoothly as possible… truly it’s been amazing! He went in with no fuss, they let me hold the mask for him while he went to sleep and only once did he look scared, I asked if he wanted me to pray, he said yesContinue reading “What didn’t suck”

Did you break my heart Mummy?

As most of you know today was our pre-op day for Joshua’s catheterization. We had an early start (for me at least) and arrived at Sick Kids at 8am. Last night Joshua and I had a talk about the coming week and what to expect. We chatted about what the doctors were going to do,Continue reading “Did you break my heart Mummy?”