Tribute to Kaper

This weekend we had a fantastic day celebrating our little guy Kaleb at the Labatt Family Heart centre’s siblings conference. the day focused on the siblings of our heart kids and gave them a chance (for once) to be the centre of attention and the focus of our appreciation. It isn’t often that we goContinue reading “Tribute to Kaper”


¬†As a woman who was raised with only a sister there are things that come as a surprise to me; and the surprises come on an almost daily basis. Who knew that ‘poop’ could be an always entertaining conversation around the dinner table? Or, that ‘potty time’ could turn into quality time of discussing theContinue reading “Boys!”

Is it a male thing?

I am wondering… what is the deal with cars, trucks, buses, trains, planes, helicopters, motorbikes, bikes, scooters, wheels, tires, motors, anything that moves really… ? Is there something innately male that I am missing? Josh looks at this picture and could care less that he’s the star of the shot, or that Daddy is thereContinue reading “Is it a male thing?”

Rules of Engagement… (No Moms allowed)

Boys…. Oh how different they are, and they are so determined to make sure that I know each and every difference this week. The fights for example… is it necessary to punch, push and bite to get the point across? Oh yes, it really is… when you are a boy. There are rules, rules thatContinue reading “Rules of Engagement… (No Moms allowed)”