Beautifully Imperfect perfection

Inside the walls a therapists office I came face to face with my inner demons, the past dredged up, the old wounds opened and laid bare for me to see openly. It was grusome, ugly, and left me raw and vulnerable. Going home afterwards trying to paste a smile on for the boys and TimContinue reading “Beautifully Imperfect perfection”

Part three: Red flags

I walk through the courtyard and up the stairs at the back corner of the wall, towards the old tower lookout. It’s colder up here, the wind is stronger but I am sheltered by the overhang and it’s quiet. I look out over the village below and spot my home on the far side ofContinue reading “Part three: Red flags”

The heart of my son

I have to admit here that I am struggling… this blog is supposed to be about losing weight and instead it’s turning into a place to share thoughts and vent and ultimately share my dreams, hopes and failures with the nameless people who happen by this blog… or maybe no one reads this and it’sContinue reading “The heart of my son”