Happy New Year!

Most people see January as the first month of a new year; rightly so I suppose since it is the new year after all. However, for me the new year traditions always come in September; maybe it’s the years of starting school in september and always being told about fresh starts with a new teacherContinue reading “Happy New Year!”

What didn’t suck

I am happy and surprised to announce that today went as smoothly as possible… truly it’s been amazing! He went in with no fuss, they let me hold the mask for him while he went to sleep and only once did he look scared, I asked if he wanted me to pray, he said yesContinue reading “What didn’t suck”

For future reference…

As most of you know our youngest has a lot of allergies and asthma. when he was 6 months old he had a severe reaction to his vaccines, reactions that had me rushing him to Sunnybrook. The entire drive I had to listen to him gasping for air in the back seat. It was terrifyingContinue reading “For future reference…”

unexpected answers

This week has been a week full of unexpected answers to prayers and beautiful moments that just last week I thought wouldn’t happen, or at least not for a long time anyway. It started on Tuesday, when Josh decided that the battle for potty training wasn’t worth fighting anymore, and though we have had manyContinue reading “unexpected answers”

How did I miss the whisper?

This morning I was grumbling about Josh’s lack of communication, I was praying for some kind of break through, some new words, some hope and generally just feeling sorry for myself. It was a rough morning, he’s been so used to just chilling on the couch watching movies while he recovered, longer in fact becauseContinue reading “How did I miss the whisper?”

Slow… but moving.

Just a few moments ago I was standing at the kitchen sink, washing the sippy cups and watching out the window as Josh played with the hose, filling a bucket, dumping the bucket, putting his trucks in and out of the bucket, watching them sink, when out of nowhere a cat hopped the fence andContinue reading “Slow… but moving.”