My family

 My name is Laurie. I started blogging in 2005, but it wasn’t until 2010 that I began Through the Lens of Motherhood. I have always loved writing, always expressed myself better when able to write out my thoughts. This is my therapy (much cheaper too!). I write about my journey of faith in the midst of everyday circumstance, all of our UPS and all of our DOWNS. I write because everyday I see God through the ‘lens’ of motherhood and I feel the need to share the amazing things I see. Over the last 10 years things have changed and moved and in 2020 I finally released the BOOK Through the Lens of Motherhood! You can buy your copy here!

This is my family. The beautiful people walking this life me, the guys I write about most. They are my muse, my greatest answers to prayer, my most amazing blessings and God’s biggest miracles in my life.

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