About Me

I am Laurie Haughton

I started writing a long time ago, and started the blog ‘Through the lens of Motherhood’ as a way to process the journey of parenting a child with a complex congenital heart defect. When I became a mother it was like God handed me a wide angle lens and suddenly the world seemed different, I had a whole new perspective on life, on love and on God and his infinite love for me.

I have always taken photos and looked for the beauty in the broken, the messy and finding the little things that others wouldn’t necessarily find or even look for. This is a space where I marry my two passions of writing and photography, where I talk about the joys and trials that life throws our way and where you can join the journey.

Do not hesitate to contact me for questions or comments and please stop by the store to get a copy of the book Through the Lens of Motherhood which was released this past March. You will also find a selection of photos that you can purchase. The selections will change so get them while you can!

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