Pray for Ukraine

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In my time in Europe I came to know and love many beautiful Ukraine brothers and sisters; and today they are under threat, today the world watched as Russia invaded. We are being called to pray…

through out my life I have experienced enough to know that the power of prayer works and I am asking you to join me in praying for the people of Ukraine, and to pray for the people of Russia because this is not a war ‘Russians’ wanted but rather it’s a war declared by the Kremlin and the thug who leads it. Please, pray for those with boots on the ground there, for the men, women and children.

What to pray for? The church leaders have asked for some specific prayer items, and beautifully they added some thanksgivings. I will list them below.

Pray for the local The Church:

– For followers of Jesus to be beacons of hope all over Ukraine; to proclaim and demonstrate the Good News

– Wisdom for church leaders who are coordinating humanitarian responses – both in ‘hot’ conflict zones and in areas to which people are fleeing.

– Give thanks for their foresight in getting organized beforehand

– An outpouring of generosity and prayer from the global church for the people of Ukraine

– The Church and her leaders in Russia to speak and live for peace and righteousness and against dictatorship

Many of them are staying to continue to serve their country, and will likely be called up to fight and defend Ukraine and they will do so so prayer for safety and peace. Protection… this is just a devastating day and it won’t get less so in the days and weeks to come….

The Innovista team and leaders

– Protection, courage, strength and peace for our staff – (I removed names for their privacy)

– T’s role in Lviv-area response

– Russia – S and his family and associates like D in St Petersburg

– Moldova – possible route for refugees; effective preparation

– Church leaders we are currently training live in the village of the airport which Russian paras landed on this morning

– T was close to the border with Belarus this weekend too – training teams from three churches – the church that hosted them all is on a main road from the border to Kyiv – they were ‘…staying to serve, come what may’.

They also need the tech and internet to continue to work so that they have the ability to mobilize when needed, to evacuate those who need it and to secure regular communications amongst themselves but also to the organizations that they work for (IFES in one – The European version of InterVarsity)

A map of Eastern Europe for reference
A map of the ‘hot zones’ for your reference

This feels close to home for me, and it’s not, not by a long shot so I cannot even imagine what it is like to wake up to the sounds of bombs going off down the street, or missles flying over your head, of not knowing if your children will need to pick up guns to protect their home… I think of every unknown and I want to weep. Then I am reminded that God is in control and when I feel helpless I can turn to him and ask him to help, to comfort my friends, to protect a nation under attack, to work in the heart of a tyrant that he might have mercy. That is the God I serve and I impore you to turn with me to that God, the God who saved Israel through the sea, the same God who shed his own blood so that we would be saved by his grace and sacrifice and join me in prayer.

He alone is the one I turn too when I am powerless to change something. In my inability is where his ability shines brightest and he is a God of infinite power, ability and awesome, incredible grace and mercy.



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