A love letter

45 years ago something really special happened that would change my life, and the life of many other people. 45 years ago, in a small town in England a little boy was born, a boy who would grow into a man who shake my world with the love he offered me. He has stood beside me, giving me courage, faith, understanding, hope, joy, laughter, and a love I had never imagined I would be blessed with.

They say that love is hard, they say it’s work… but with Tim it has always been easy to love him, to put my heart in his hand and trust him to care for it with tenderness, and with him it has never really felt like work. Not that we haven’t had had our troubles, but his kindness, his forgiveness, his steadfast commitment to me and to our family has helped us weather all the storms of life, kids, and marriage in a way that feels less like work and more like travelling a journey together. Sometimes the mountains look steep, the valley’s low but deep down I know that whatever we face his hand will hold mine and together we face whatever happens.

I don’t know how I managed to find this amazing man, let alone how he managed to love me and continue to love me but what I do know, what I will always be thankful for, is that he was born, that I got the chance to love him.

Happy Birthday Tim. With all that I am; I love you.



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