the prayer in our soul

a wish
a dream
a hope
turned into a prayer
without my even knowing it
God heard the cry of my heart
from the deepest parts of my soul
the very depth of my being
a song I had been singing
since I was just a wish myself.

and he answered
with more than I had dared dream possible,
more than I had hoped,
abundantly, with overflowing love
more than a wish would have room for.

it’s the way of a prayer sometimes;
sometimes it’s a spoken word,
sometimes it’s all out begging and pleading;
and sometimes it is just a wish, a dream, a hope.
Sometimes the answers are no,
sometimes they are a maybe or not yet
and sometimes they are a yes
that fly in the face of expectation
and fill us with a gratitude that we can’t comprehend
because the blessings are so much bigger
so much more
than our wish would have dared to hope for.



Published by lauriehaughton

Author & Photographer

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