Water in the drought.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Yesterday morning I was on the phone with a fellow pastor’s wife and writer, we were talking about how our blogs are getting harder to write with nothing going on around us and I started telling her how it’s forced me to do the Bible, and she said “that’s a blog post right there”… and here I am.

Every morning I am reminded by my handy reminder app that I have to write a blog post because honestly I would put it off if I get to far into the day without thinking about it, life is busy even under stay at home orders and lockdowns. Homeschooling, zoom meetings, housekeeping and extra meals, phone calls and playing referee and screen time manager for two boys is enough to keep my brain occupied for the entire day, so every morning my phone reminds me that I need to think about it. It doesn’t mean I write every day but it forces me to stop what I am doing and think about my life and see what’s in it that I should write about it. Lately that has been harder and harder.

Last year Kaleb’s teacher gave them the assignment “Covid Journal”… every single morning from mid March until the end of June he had to write a journal about what he was doing during Covid and let me tell you, we could copy and paste every day because the post was always the same.

“I woke up, I ate my breakfast and pet my dog. I signed into school and I’m writng this journal, and later I will play hide and seek with my brother, I will have quiet time and if I am good I will get some screen time later. When my Daddy gets home we all play a game together and make supper and then watch an episode of LOST.”
BY, K.Haughton.

The same thing. Every day. For 3 long months.

I was starting to feel like Kaper was feeling last spring, what on earth can I say that is new? Without realizing it I started turning to my Bible every morning, not necessarily looking for something to write, but more asking God what I need to write about, seeking answers from him and then waiting for his answer. Now, when I hear the ping of my reminder app at 9 a.m. I put my glasses on (yup! I am now one of those people!) and I pick up my Bible and wrestle the dog for my chair by the window and I spend time in the word. I find it so interesting how a reminder to write has turned into a reminder to dive into the word of God. It’s been a time of refreshment when I had been experiencing drought; and that, that is how God works. He never does what we expect, his timing isn’t always ours and he doesn’t always answer in the way that we are hoping BUT, when we turn to him and ask he will always meet us where we are and give us an answer.

I went to him in a dry season and asked him for a drink, I had wanted a soda, he gave me living water.



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