Let go

“Recently I learned that original Hebrew root of ‘be still’ doesn’t mean be quiet, it means let go. God is asking me to ‘let go’ and know that he is God”

Through the Lens of Motherhood – the book

How many times have I had God tell me to be still and know that he is God, and how many times have I sat down (figuratively) in silence and waited to see what he was wanting to say to me? I feel like this is the one area that I need to keep learning more about, being still, listening. Then I am reminded again that be still means ‘let go’. Let go of the fear, the worry, the anxiety, the hurt, the sadness, the loneliness, the ambitions… just let go and know that HE is God. I don’t need to fear or strive or worry or despair I just need to give it all to Him and let it go. He has got a plan, as long as I am following it I will be okay.

The question begs then, what’s the plan? How do I know if I am following it? This is where I get tripped up sometimes because I haven’t got a clue. I muddle along trying to do what’s right, trying to stay on his path for my life but in the words of King Solomon it’s all futile, nothing is new under the sun and whatever I do here will be for someone else when I am gone.

This all sounds rather depressing, I am aware of that, but ultimately it’s a freeing feeling, nothing is new, I do not need to strive, it’s all for naught, when I die it’s not going with me. So, what I accumulate here on earth is wasted, but the words, the love, the tender touches, the encouragement, the things that can’t be bought or sold are what I will leave behind.

All this to say that I am looking at life and finding myself needing a direction that puts my gifts to better use, ways to impact the world for the better in ways that can’t be bought or sold. I have no idea what that will look like yet, and if I am honest I am hoping that God whispers something in my ear before too long because I am a doer and I want to get busy ‘doing’.

For now, I will really try to just ‘let go’ and know that he is God.


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