All the little things

When the little things all add up, the result can be total mayhem or complete bliss. The little smiles you get through out the day, the kind word, the gentle touch, the funny email or text, the hug of a child, the love of a spouse, the call from a parent all have the power to make your day full, complete, and send you into sleep with rest and restoration within reach for a night.


a grumpy child, a sick pet, a long overdue thank you, a silent friend, an angry driver, a tired spouse, fighting siblings can leave you drained and yet unable to sleep, tired but wide awake.

All the little things.

I used to think it was the big things in life that made it great, the first dates, the first declaration of love, the proposal, the wedding, the births, the graduations and birthdays, the vacations, and … well you get the idea.

Covid 19 for all it’s heinousness has left me seeing it’s not the big things, those are fun, they are good, they bring joy but it’s the little things that make life worth living.

It’s the first sip of hot coffee that your son makes for you as a surprise, it’s the hug from the almost teen when you do something nice for him, it’s the hand of your husband reaching out to hold yours while you watch TV, it’s the dog who sits loyally at your feet, it’s the clean dishwasher being unloaded without being asked, it’s the the “Ill make dinner tonight”, it’s the quiet “more” your son whispers after he says I love you. It’s the warm bed at night, the soft pillow, the cozy blanket, the hot bubble baths, the texts that come randomly, the ‘real’ mail that shows up in your mailbox, it’s the fuzzy socks, the old worn mug, the slippers beside the bed, the greeting of the loyal dog when you’ve only been out for five minutes, it’s all the million little things that make this life a better place.



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