An old book I found

I found a book this weekend that I started writing in back in March 2000… it’s a book of songs and poems and other thoughts that I have written over the years. It seems that I was a bit of a drama queen when it came to my broken hearts, I think most artists are when you really get down to it. Here’s one of the gems I found;

A goodbye kiss is something I won’t miss” – from a poem that is just too tragic to share in it’s entirety…

but seriously… there were a couple that I didn’t hate 🙂
This one is from the end of summer 2003, I was sitting on the sundeck at the castle in Austria…

The bells from the church
fill the air with a soft melody
announcing the time of day
to the people who dwell in the valley
The wind carries the scent
of last nights rain
and the sound of the earth
replenishing itself is sweet music.
Birds call to each other
crickets sing, bees gather pollen
spiders weave their web.
Children’s laughter can be heard
in the park down the path,
quiet conversations rise up
from the cellar cafe
Summer is at it’s close
and as the air becomes brisk
as people say goodbye
a new season awaits it’s birth.

This one was back in the winter of 2006, just prior to coming back to Canada ~ what a road I was on back in those days… beautiful memories

The power of your holiness
brings me to my knees
the light of your goodness
blinds me for eternity
walking by your side
you guide me through the night
holding on so tightly
never letting me out of your sight
Times when Im afraid
you whisper soothingly to me
Times when Im happy
you celebrate with me.
The power of your sacrifice
brings me to my knees
the tortures that you lived for
so that I might be free
Times when I lose faith
you take my hand, you show me truth
Times when I lose hope
you offer love and peace
When I walk the wrong way
you bring me back the right way
taking my hand you guide me
and promise that you will stay
The power of you
your sacrifice and love
your comfort, peace, and holiness,
brings me to my knees.


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