The covid truth

here we sit, all of us behind walls, banging, screaming, crying
for the first time aware
for the first time claustrophobic
the masks that we once wore with ease
now rob us of our breath.

We stare at the wall
we move from chair to chair
we stare at our screens
and we act as though
this is something new.

for a decade or more
we have stared at a screen,
we have hidden behind a mask
we have been sitting behind walls
for the first time we have become aware.

We have woken
our subconscious forced to the front
our minds freed from the slumber
and we fight, we scream, we cry
aching lungs beg us to breathe.

We stare out our windows,
watching people passing by
and we long to touch another
we are no longer numb
we are awake, we want more.


Published by lauriehaughton

Author & Photographer

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