Timothy J Haughton

Today is a special day, today I get the honour of celebrating my best friends birthday. Every year I feel the same unmistakable honour and love and thankfulness that he was born but this year it’s so much bigger. I have seen Tim step up for me when I needed him or when the kids needed him and I have seen him put his needs aside for all three of us through the years but this year I have seen him at his finest yet. 

Just one year and a few months ago Tim was in a serious accident that could have been life threatening, thankfully he ‘only’ suffered a major concussion and yet just days following the accident he was back in the office serving the community that he loves so much. He would come home after church on Sunday’s and could barely function, yet no one really knew because that’s how Tim is. He is this strong, stoic soul who fights hard through his own stuff for the sake of others. He was finally starting to feel human again when we learned that Toronto was going on lockdown in March, with two days notice he worked through and got a live stream up for the very first Sunday so that no one would miss church, so that we could all feel that normalcy we needed so badly in such unsettling times. I have seen him work 60 – 80+ hours a week since then trying to make it all go smoothly, trying to hold together this beautiful church we call home, not the building but the actual body of Christ. He has stepped up, given his best, and I am so in awe of the man I married, so proud of the leader that he has become. His choices are always prayed through, always thoughtfully made and always with the church’s best interest at the heart of it. It is how he leads our family, how he loves us, how he loves generally and it’s inspiring. 

This isn’t a normal year, no year will ever be quite like 2020 (one hopes) but what I will walk away remembering from this year is how this man I call husband stood in the face of Covid-19 and didn’t flinch, he just kept doing what he was called to do and he did it with grace and love and endurance. He did it with the church and he’s done it with us as a family. I still wonder every day how on earth I deserve a man like this, but I am so glad that he chose to love me, that he chooses to love me and our church. 

I often take him for granted, as most of us do with our spouses but today, this day when I get to celebrate his entry into the world I am reminded how truly blessed I really am. 

Tim, I have had a million reasons to be proud of you throughout our years together but this year you have amazed me with your resilience and faithfulness to our family and to our community. I typically just post something on my facebook wall for your birthday but there’s just too much to say in the midst of this year. Thank you. Thank you for your hard work here at home and at the church. Thank you for the ways in which you use your gifts to speak into my life, to listen to my wingeing, to love me like I have never been loved before. Your strength has kept us afloat, your love has kept us going, both at home and at church and you need to hear that. I see you. Thank you.

Happy birthday love. It’s always been you, will always be you. I love you.



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2 thoughts on “Timothy J Haughton

  1. Hi Laurie, Thank you for the time and effort you took to let others of us know how Tim has been faithful, sacrificial and dedicated to you, Josh and Caleb and to the body of Christ at Little Trinity! I am so grateful for you two, your boys and your families with whom you are so connected. We are blessed at Little Trinity to have you all. Also, I needed to be reminded of Tim's accident, injury and how short a time it was between his injury, his return to work and then followed by the lockdown in March. Thank you Lord Jesus for Tim and Laurie, Josh and Caleb and their families and for such a servant leader in Tim.


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