Gift of Good Words

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Through the Lens of Motherhood 
 By Laurie Haughton

The other day I heard from someone who had read my book, he had a lot of wonderfully high praise and some deep meaningful words from his own heart about how the story encouraged him and I was left in tears and deep humbled thought. I had never any intention of publishing this book, it was written for my guys, but also for me as a way to process my thoughts and feelings through out the journey we were on and when God asked me to publish (that was a long drawn out battle between us that went on for a full year – or more if I am really honest with myself) I said I would do it, but a deep part of me wanted to somehow redeem our story, to have someone out there who had read the book find some hope, some encouragement or understanding in the midst of something horrible they were going through. I hoped that one person would find themselves on a road to healing because of our story, I wanted it to be ‘worth it”;  As I write this I see how self centred that is, how counter productive to what God is doing in our lives. I still have to sit, after reading emails like the one I had last week, and say ‘Laurie, it’s not all about you’. God has a plan so much bigger than we hope for or can imagine, why limit him? 

Our story sounds so sad to some, we get a lot of tears when people hear about what we went through with Joshua but the truth is actually that our story is so full of the awesome power of God and his joy, his boundless love, his hope; it’s not about us at all and it’s not up to me to redeem that story because God already has and this book is and only can be, my way of sharing what an awesome God he is, how incredibly forgiving, how infinitely loving, and compassionate… It’s a form of worship I suppose, to tell you our story, not to redeem it but to show you what amazing things he did in my life, my relationship with him because of his deep love for me, the same love that he has for you and the same love that he has for Joshua and Kaleb. We are here for a short time, living in this broken place called earth and things will go wrong, there will be suffering and pain but, and it’s a big but… God is right here with us, living in the brokenness, holding us in the pain. I don’t want you to read this story because it’s sad or because it’s a journey through out personal hell but because it’s a story of redemption and because it can help not just a mother, not just a parent, but anyone – truly, anyone who is going through any kind of suffering, the endless season of pain that we will all inevitably be a part of in our lives. That is who this book is for, you and anyone else living in this broken place between Genesis and Revelation. 

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