The ‘Could be’s’

Tough comes to mind, tough and yet fragile. Strong, and gentle, kind and cheeky, worried and hopeful, a really complex array of contradictions that make up one amazing kid. I can’t say little boy anyway, that dawned on me today… he’s not so little these days. I won’t reminisce this year, there has been enough looking back for me about this amazing child, he and I are looking forward, planning his future and dreaming about all the ‘could be’s’ in his life. Right now his big plan is to rescue animals and help them get better, particularly the babies who’ve been left without a Mummy or Daddy to care for them. Every day it changes but there is always a consistent thread; his desire to help; his hope for a better future; a better planet, and a happier ‘human’.

Each night when he says good night to God he makes sure to thank him, and each night he tries to thank him for different things. It ranges nightly. Once he thanked God that his brother had gone out that day and he didn’t have to listen to him; another time he thanked him for having a brother. Sometimes he thanks him for nature,  for the earth, for peace, for a home, for breath. His thankful heart, his enduring spirit, his witty sense of humour have served him well and promise to help him as the journey continues.

It has been 8 years since we welcomed this little man in our home, into our hearts. 8 years of lessons and love and hope and beauty and this amazing proof that God answers prayers. His quiet soul has been held in his makers hands and Josh’s peaceful heart is the evidence of that encounter.  I am so beyond excited to watch him grow another year older, another year taller, another year wiser…

Happy Birthday Joshua! I am so proud to know you, even more so to call you son. Daddy and I love you more than you can ever possibly imagine; we along with Kaper are so incredibly glad you are a part of our lives. Hugs to you Mr. Man… (I won’t say kisses, I know how gross you find those) 😀

Love you,


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