As most of you know by now Josh had a stroke when he was a baby… 3 months old to be exact. At the time we had no idea of the implications of that little clot… not a clue as to how it would change all of our lives. After years of worry and fear and anxiety and hopelessness and in the last few years even joy and relief I can now say I know exactly what that means… and it terrifies me.

Yesterday I got a call from the school that Kaleb had a headache. I picked him up but the truth of the matter is he seemed fine to me. Then I got a call saying that Josh had a headache and tummy ache and could I come get him. I packed Kaper into the car and we went to get Josh. When I got there I learned that it wasn’t just a headache. When the teacher looked at him he was flushed and his eyes were watering, she asked if he was okay but he found that he was unable to talk. The teacher called for assistance to get him to the office and the teacher that came to transport him reported that when he could finally speak he seems disoriented, confused and was repeating his words. His head hurt, and his tummy was upset. You can imagine that the first thing that came to mind was a stroke. I bundled him and Kaleb up and we went to Sick Kids where Tim’s Mom met us and took Kaleb for me. After a long and quite frankly very scary wait we learned that Josh had a focal seizure in the sight of his old stroke (in the scar tissue). SO… while it sucks (this is a new type of seizure for him) it was NOT a stroke and for that I am so thankful!

This has been a week I would have preferred to skip, the boys have been tired, Ive been tired. Josh and I learned on Wednesday that he needs to have another his eye surgery (his right eye). He was visibly upset for good reason, it was a horrible surgery for him last time. He’s also got fluid in his ear causing him trouble (they believe that it helped to cause the seizure). Kaleb has been showing signs of stress about Josh and if I am honest I am so tired I think I am running on fumes. It’s just been that kind of week.

There’s a lot going on, but through out I have been blessed by all the notes and emails. Thank you for your prayers and shows of concern.


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