pause the chaos

It is an interesting thing when you set traditions… we started one a long time ago when Kaleb was just a year old; one we didn’t know we were setting but has turned into one of my favourite things to anticipate each year. When he was one and Josh was two and a half we dressed them up in their costumes and we drove to our friends house where the men took the kiddies (five in total) around the streets for halloween. Kaleb in his stroller as Tiggy and the rest racing around banging on doors and begging (very sweetly) for any treat they might have. Every year I get a group photo (some years were a trial with four boys and a young lady). Each year I look at them and remember what they all looked like the year before and I can’t get over how much they have changed; how much they have grown. I look forward to seeing them grow; to seeing how long we can keep this tradition alive before they would rather go trick or treating with their friends. 

There is something so magical about childhood, as they get ready to go out, as the anticipation amps itself up and the thrill of being outside on the dark streets comes to it’s brimming head I can distinctly remember what that feeling was like. Then the return; when you get to show mum all that loot! The inevitable ‘sorting’ of the candy where in our house we check for all the scary things my parents used to check for but also for any peanut treat. (Sometimes when it’s something Mama really likes she finds things on the label written in invisible ink – glad he can’t read yet). It works in our favour that Tim and I are known to take a week holiday to ourselves following halloween so all those peanut butter cups manage to find a home in our suit case.

This year as I watched their rosy cheeks return, when they picked up their over flowing bag and tried to hug it to themselves because it was so heavy I was overcome with how fleeting this thing called childhood is. The little lady I talked about, the only one in a group of four boys, looks so much older this year, Josh too is getting so tall and grown up. It’s hard, when you are in the thick of it with them to stop and appreciate the moment for what it is. It’s hard to watch the chaos and not sit in it for a few seconds and just enjoy it. It’s life’s fluidity I guess but it seems like only yesterday that I was the rosy cheek little girl clinging to my own over stuffed bag of candy waiting for my Dad to remove ‘dangerous’ items that he would sacrifice himself for me and eat on my behalf.

May you each have a really wonderful November and try to pause the chaos long enough to enjoy it for what it is… a very precious memory.



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