celebrating life

This week we celebrated the life of my Grandpa who at 97 surprised us all by quietly and quickly passing away last week. This is not the day to post about how I feel about that, In many ways I am still processing how I feel; that post is to come. However, this week is also a week that we celebrate the life of our youngest who turns 6 today.

As Kaleb grows and I discover the many facets of his blooming personality I can’t help but wonder at the boy he is and the man he is becoming. He is so fiercely protective, he’s sweet, generous, kind, and he’s got eyes and charm that manage to get him anything he wants… the two are a dangerous combo for the ladies in his future.
He can be a character and recently he’s learned that humour cheers people up… when he’s seen me with tears in my eyes he’s there with a quick smile and some silly antic to make the smile return to my face. He has begun a fairly regular habit of waking me in the morning by crawling in beside me in bed and just snuggling for a while. This year when he started school he quickly decided that it wouldn’t be cool to be seen kissing his mama goodbye; so we began the fist pump tradition. I won’t lie, it was a wake up call, realizing that it meant the end of the baby years for me. The next day I dropped Kaleb off at the door of his class, we did the fist pump, said goodbye, and I walked away… I was half way down the hall when Kaleb came running out of class and yelled ‘Mama! Wait!’.. I turned around and saw him running to me, his arms outstretched. I gave him a hug and then he gave me a kiss. A brief moment, but a reminder that he’s still little, he still needs me, and as much I had missed the goodbye hug and kiss… he’d missed it too. 
He is growing up on me, there’s no escaping that, but as I get to know all the wonders of his personality I can’t help but enjoy discovering the man he’s becoming. There are so many things to love about this little guy, and so many times he’s made me proud; he’s a remarkable little man.
Happy Birthday Kaper… all of my love, forever…
Mama, xoxox

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