The Haughton Escape

This past week Tim and I were able to take the boys on a much needed holiday together. We drove south east to the Adirondack mountains and stayed at a small out of the way cabin on Star Lake. It was so quiet, so peaceful and though the city girl in me got itchy towards the end, now that we are back I can say that it was so restful and nice to get away.

On the first day of our adventure we hiked into the Ausible Chasm and took a river raft ride, and then with less than stellar wisdom we chose to climb Mt. Joe. Tim and I hadn’t been planning this trip for long, and the only thing we read up on the Mountain was that it had a family friendly trail… my idea of family friendly is different. It was a proper mountain, the path which started in a nature hike sort of way quickly transitioned into a rock climbing, dirty adventure. We saw the red spotted newt, lots of various mushrooms and Tim spotted a snake, which when he went off trail a little to see ended up with him having a broken shoe. You see, in our enthusiasm to hike this family friendly trail we didn’t stop to change shoes, Tim and I climbed this thing in our croc flip flops! Tim climbed the rest of the way in bare feet. As the mountain got steeper and the path gave way to a creek bed (full with water running through it) I soon gave in and carried my flip flops too. It was simply far less dangerous to do it without the slippy shoes. Kaleb loved the climb, Josh struggled but with some rests we managed to get all the way to the top. Of course, we all know that climbing down and can be just as dangerous (if not, more so). Josh doesn’t like to watch where he is going and gave me a number of near heart attacks that caused me to hold his hand 90 percent of the way down. I joked that if we all reached the bottom without a broken bone then it would be a success. It was Tim who was out down fall… half way down Tim’s foot slipped in the UNENDING mud and he broke a toe! Thankfully, he managed okay and we all made it safely (unless you consider Tim’s toe) to the bottom where a lake sits waiting for you to jump in.

As we drove back that night with an exhausted Josh, we had to think about the fact that just a few short months ago this little man had a valve replaced. This kid did it, and though there was some complaining done by him and I on the way down it was more to laugh instead of cry. He was quick to tell me (numerous times) on the way down that he ‘will not climb mountains when he’s big’ or ‘he’s not a mountain climber’ and after each time we shared a giggle. The not so family friendly hike was while not ‘fun’ with all the anxious moments of waiting for one of them to fall off a cliff, was a moment to witness Josh accomplish something that I didn’t think he would ever be able to do. I don’t know if he understands how big a deal it is… and that just makes it that much better.

Kaleb discovered a love for fishing and spent time learning all about various animals… his big highlight came at the end of the trip, our last night to be exact when he was able to bring me home a huge 15 inch bass!

All in all, it was a really wonderful time away with my three favourite men… though I am glad to back in the land of bathtubs and laundry machines 😀


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